If your child is under 8 years of age, then it’s the right time to teach the Quran to them. At this age, a child is able to learn a new language. Not only reading but children can learn the complete language at this age.

The brain of a child is like a sponge and it absorbs a huge amount of information very quickly. Nowadays, a lot of parents aren’t interested to send their children to a Quran academy. Sometimes due to a lack of these Quran centers in their community, they cannot provide the Islamic information and education to their kids. Many people are so busy that they don’t get time to drop kids to mosques. Such parents are preoccupied about their little kids for not getting the most important education of life. However, there’s an alternative in the form of online classes. This is a very good way to help them learn at home while parents can easily track progress. The great benefit is that all this happens in a safe environment.

Online classes have become very popular over the past decade. Online Quran centers are serving thousands of Muslims. Parents are choosing online classes for a variety of reasons.

Online Quran Classes for Kids are specially made available to the areas where taking the classes locally is not possible. The students can, therefore, study the courses at home and they can set their own schedule for completing the course at their own pace.

When we talk about online learning, we imagine studying alone at a computer with a specific course with the presence of an online tutor. But online learning is something different. The online Quran institutions of the present time don’t teach in an old style. They use modern methods of teaching with appropriate instructor contact.

Pak Quran Academy is the modern online Islamic center that offers the facility of real-time learning in the presence of qualified tutors. It is a very sophisticated online institution that offers tutoring service to worldwide students.

The Standards for Online Schools

When you decide to choose online tutoring for your kids, you might be confused to choose a good option. So we give you satisfaction in your children Quran education. We can also help you evaluate us through trial classes. We give special attention to kids who have learning difficulties. By identifying their problems, we offer them a high-quality tutoring service. If you have any doubt about our academy, course, or Quran Classes for Kids, you can talk to us. If you have some specific questions to ask, we are ready to solve all the concerns.

We assure you about the course quality because we have some best practices for improving the standard of our education. We can help parents feel satisfaction in evaluating how well our academy will meet their child’s needs.

Benefits of Online Classes

With the rise in the use and popularity of technology in the last decade, online learning of the Holy Book has become very prominent throughout the world. Muslim parents more specifically in western countries choose online classes for their kids. Having a qualified and expert Quran tutor in online classes makes it a lot easier for kids to learn. Online Quran Teachers at our academy also offer an excellent learning experience since kids get the chance to learn the Quran from a person who knows it perfectly. But, there are a lot of other benefits that we offer to our students.

 Fun and Engaging

We try to make the lessons fun for younger children because learning in this way makes lessons so much easier. Teachers tell stories and try to make their learning experience fun and stimulating so that kids will always be enthusiastic for the next Kids Online Quran Classes.

Learn Everywhere, Anytime

When kids learn from a madrassa or a mosque, they usually have specific schedules. But we give parents the chance to schedule the classes at a suitable time for them. Our classes are also accessible from any part of the world. You only need to have an internet connection for taking classes from us.

Better Interaction with Teachers

One of the benefits that our academy offers is a better interaction of kids with the teachers. Children always need more interaction otherwise they will not be able to learn efficiently. When having a class with a live tutor, children will get more attention from teachers and understand what the teacher is teaching. This will boost his or her knowledge and information. It is really a great aid for children to learn the Book of Allah in a better way.

Safe Home Learning

It is not always easy to go to a mosque or a madrassa especially if you are living in western countries. It is also not suitable to send children who are too young. Taking online classes with us makes it easier for parents to arrange Quran tutoring at home which ensures safety during the professional Quran classes for kids as they can monitor their children throughout the class.

What’s The Perfect Age to Start?

The basic course is the Qaida course and children as young as 4 years old can start learning Qaida online with us. Many parents think that 4 years old child cannot learn however, we believe that at early childhood, kids can perfectly learn at this age. Our tutors can experts and help kids in acquiring the basics of the Quran.

When you enroll your children in the basic course like Qaida, you should know that Qaida course doesn’t require extensive previous knowledge to start the course. It is the perfect course for you to start. We will prepare your child for reading the Quran properly and accurately with important Tajweed skills.

Are Online Classes A Good Option For Your Child?

First, you should make sure your child has an interest in taking online classes. For this, it is important to motivate your child for learning in this way. Taking a course from us offers some benefits to kids who have some problems in learning. Some kids are slow learners and such children feel anxiety or embarrassment that they are not good at learning the lessons if they attend group classes. We help such kids by offering them, one-on-one classes.

Our special Quran classes for kids online are very effective and children feel confident with the teachers. The tutors are capable and try to reduce the distractions of the children by keeping them engaged in the lessons. We teach according to the pace of learning of students and this is our main reason for popularity. This is the reason we are a good option for children. Many Muslim children across the world face language issues. In order to overcome this issue, we have multi-lingual teachers. We teach in English thus enable kids in Western countries to take easy classes. We are a good option because

  • Pak Quran Academy expert tutors to work with every type of child.
  • Our staff gives you suggestions on whether a specific course is appropriate for your child.
  • We offer an audio and video Conversation for delivering the lessons.
  • Our Academy offers a flexible pace of learning.
  • Pak Quran Academy offers a trial period so that parents can see if our class is going to work for their kids.

Know More about Our Teachers

Teaching is an interactive procedure and there is a great importance of teachers. If we take some notes on the courses of the Quran, these notes will not teach themselves. Children still need the guidance of a teacher. In the success of our academy, teachers play an important role. Regular classes are very important and in the case of kids, regular parent-teacher interaction is also very important. We give the complete opportunity for parents to contact teachers as needed. Our teachers give a suitable response to students and we understand it is very important for the success of our students.

These Secure/Privacy Quran Classes for Kids and a one-on-one relationship with a teacher offer numerous benefits to kids. Even the kids with learning difficulties can study with us anytime they want. We assure their parents about their successful learning.

We have chosen individualized learning for our student because we understand that every child is different. Our way of teaching the students in a way that is not possible in a group class.

Proud to have teachers with high Islamic qualifications and good teaching approach:

  • All the tutors are qualified and experienced
  • They have full command over the courses they teach
  • The teachers teach students with full responsibility

We welcome students from all over the world to take live lectures for every course that we offer. We also use a webcam so that students can see the teacher and the students speak to the teacher with the help of a microphone.

For years, we have been providing online classes for kids. Now we have become one of the most reputed and respected institutes for Quran learning.