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Online Quran Learning – Design by Pak Quran Academy When any Muslim reads the Quran, he reads God’s words guiding and encouraging him. In the Holy Book, one can get verses soothing and reproaching people and those who will perform the right deeds are promised the righteous mercy and


Online Koran education will become more popular among Muslims in the years to come and will replace traditional Quran education in some parts of the world. There are a lot of web-based Islamic course platforms where students can find top rated tutors. Those who have experienced these platforms say


Internet-based learning is a revolution which shapes the traditional form of knowledge. Learning the Koran over the internet is also a new trend and people in the USA are widely accepting it. Online classes use Internet technologies to teach people. One of the greatest benefits of the internet is

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the USA. There are billions of Muslims living there. Muslims from other countries of the world migrated to America and in the future, the number is expected to grow. Hence, it is clear that the population of Muslims living in America is getting higher.

How To Choose The Top 10 Online Quran Academy Of The World?


When you start looking for a Quran academy, there are some things that you would want that academy to own. If you are going to pay the fee, you must need the best institution that should be perfect. There are many Quran centers which could be the right place for satisfying your learning needs. In

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Local Madrassas have been functioning in different parts of the world right after the birth of Islam. Muslims, who want to take religious education, join these institutions. These Islamic schools provide teachers for teaching the students. Madrassas are very dominant in Pakistan and the number of

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Learning the Quran is essential for every Muslim and it is even more important to study it word by word. It is also important for every Muslim to comprehend what is present in the Quran. For reading the Book of Allah, first, we have to work hard to learn Arabic. For learning how to read